Cumberland Contra

Source: Composed by John Sweeney, based on Cumberland Square Eight, using all the figures in a contra dance.
Formation: Contra; Improper; Double Progression - 64 bars

A1 #1s Gallop Down & Back
A2 #2s Gallop Up & Back
B1 Basket - open out into a circle
B2 Circle Left
Circle Right - use the circles to reorientate the set - optionally use slip circles to use up more energy
C1 Neighbour Dosido
Two Changes of a Grand Right & Left around the WHOLE set:
Neighbour Pull By Right; New Neighbour Pull By Left
This is the Double Progression - Pull By your Partner at the ends - no-one is ever out - Keep moving forwards to make the Star
C2 With Next New Neighbours: Star Right; Star Left - skip it round to use more energy
D1 This Neighbour Balance & Swing
D2 Long Lines Go Forward & Back - Men Roll the Ladies Away with a Half Sashay from Right to Left
#1s Swing - finish facing down in Ballroom Hold ready to Gallop

Any reels, jigs or polkas will do, but the dance is intended to give the feel of Cumberland Square Eight. You can hear Ashley Hutchings and friends playing for the original dance on "Kickin' Up the Sawdust".

No room at the end of the set for the gallop? Turn left and go round the edge of the room (Lady on the outside).

To gallop back just turn your heads - don't mess around with arm/body positions.

Optional Styling: Balance & Swing: Step R, Kick L (hopping on R), Step L, Kick R (Hopping on L), Swing

Basket: Get close together; the men put their arms around the ladies' waists and one grips the other's wrists; the ladies put their arms on the nearest shoulders (get them to put them straight up in the air then lower them onto the NEAREST shoulder when teaching). Put your right foot in and everyone does a buzz-step to spin the basket. Baskets only ever go clockwise.

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