Speed the Plough (American Version)

Source: Traditional; published in English Dance & Song, May - June 1941, Volume V, Number 5
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; First Couples Improper

A1 Neighbour Balance & Swing
A2 Ladies' Chain x2
B1 #1s Lead Down, Turn Alone; Dance back in Promenade Hold and Cast into Second Place - #2s Move Up
B2 Half Promenade; Right & Left Through

32 bars. Strangely the dance is not described in this article as being to the tune "Speed the Plough".

The standard English version is in the Community Dance Manual. There is no indication of where this "Amercian Version" came from. The first half is completely different from the American version described in "Cracking Chestnuts". There is another completely different Scottish dance to the same tune. All the other versions are danced to the tune "Speed the Plough".

Original page from English Dance & Song, May - June 1941

Speed the Plough

Original page from English Dance & Song, October 1941

Speed the Plough

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