The Winster Galop

Source: Traditional; published in English Dance & Song, December 1939, Volume IV, Number 2 and May 1948, Volume XII, No. 2.
Formation: Longways; Proper; Three to Six Couples

A1 Long Lines Go Forward & Back (polka step/double step)
Partner Cross Over by the Right Shoulder (swagger)
A2 Repeat to Place
B1 Top Couple lead a Double Cast (elbows linked) to the Left & back to Place (hop-step)
B2 Top Couple Swing to the Bottom (double-step, shoulder-hold) - everyone else clap and move up
Shoulder-hold: both hands on partner's shoulders or upper arms

Winster Galop plus an extra B for everyone to swing at the end of the dance.

This dance was printed twice. As you can see below it is exactly the same dance, but with a little more detail added in the second printing. An alternative version of the tune was published in May 1949, Volume XIII, No.3.

This dance appears in the Community Dance Manual with "as danced by the Morris dancers" and mentions the shoulder-hold for the swing.

In April/May 1952, Volume XVI. No.5, there was a discussion about categorisation of dances and Douglas Kennedy asked how you would "label the Winster Galop - Morris or Country". This letter appeared in Aug.Sept. 1952, Volume XVII, No. 1:

The Winster Galop

Original page from English Dance & Song, December 1939

The Winster Galop

Original page from English Dance & Song, May 1948

The Winster Galop

Original page from English Dance & Song, May 1949

The Winster Galop

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