The Coronet

Source: Pat Shaw; published in English Dance & Song, Aug. Sept. 1953 VOLUME XVIII No. 1
Formation: Square

A1 Heads: Partner Balance (4) & Swing (4); Heads Go Forward & Back
A2 Heads: Opposite Dosido & Face Corner; Corner Dosido
B1 On the Sides: Star Right; Men Drop Out and the Ladies Chain - during the Courtesy Turn Head Men get back Home with their New Partner
B2 All Four Ladies Chain Across & Back
C1 Corner Allemande Left; Partner Dosido
C2 Corner Allemande Left (4); Ladies Star Right (4)
Ladies turn Left into a Back Ring, hands high (4), keep going CW (4)
D1 Men Star Right - their right arm is below their Partnerís right arm - Men raise their left arm as well and take the Coronet around once (12)
Men turn Right: Partner Swing (4)
D2 Promenade to the Man's Home

Pat suggest The British Grenadiers or The Girl I Left Behind Me or any suitable tune.

I am not sure about the timing of all the moves. Pat says that C2 is leisurely, but that would seem to make the next part of the dance not fit the music. The time for the Swings also seem short. I'll have to try it a few times! Any insights would be much appreciated.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Aug. Sept. 1953

The Coronet

The Coronet

The Coronet

Pat Shaw was a leading figure in the 20th century dance world. As well as writing his own dances and interpreting dances from the 17th and 18th centuries he also researched traditional dances from the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a regular contributor to the English Dance & Song magazine.

Pat Shaw

Pat Shaw 1917-1977 gives a flavour of this man of many talents.

The Pat Shaw Collection includes over 60 of Pat's own compositions.

Another Look at Playford has 120 of Pat's interpetations of older dances.

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