Timber Salvage Reel

Source: Ralph Page, submitted by Keith Uttley; published in English Dance & Song, June July 1954. Vol XVIII. No. 6
Formation: Longways; Improper

A1 Neighbour Dosido; #1s Dosido
A2 #1s Balance & Swing - finish Facing Down
B1 #1s Lead Down. Turn Alone
#1s Lead Up, #2s Gate them into Progressed Places
B2 Star Right; Start Left

32 bar reels or jigs.

Timber Salvage Reel and Johnson's Special were published together as part of Keith Uttley's "TEEN-A-PAGE… for younger sets".

The dance has been published many times; some versions have #2s doing a Dosido while #1s Dosido.

Most versions just say "Cast Off". "Zesty Contras" distinguishes between "Cast Off" (assisted) and "Cast Around" (unassisted), but how the #2s (who face up) assist is left to the dancers; as well as being a Gate it can be with arms around waists, or with elbow hooks.

Original page from English Dance & Song, June July 1954

Timber Salvage Reel

Original page from English Dance & Song, December 1954 January 1955

Timber Salvage Reel

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