Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

Source: Traditional; provided by Keith Uttley; published in English Dance & Song, August September 1954. Vol XIX. No. 1
Formation: Square

A1 #1s Lead Out to the Right; Circle Up Four
Pick up #3s; Circle Up Six
A2 Pick up #4s; Circle Up Eight
B1 Corner Allemande Left; Pass Partner by Right Shoulder
Allemande Right the Next; Pass Partner by Left Shoulder
B2 Corner Allemande Left; Right Hand to Partner -
Grand Chain Half Way
C1 Partner Dosido; Partner Swing
C2 Promenade Home

Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight was composed around 1896 by Theodore August Metz with lyrics by Joe Hayden. Normally 48 bars for the figures. Various lengths for the introduction, depending on the version.

The song was very popular in the square dance world, so there are lots of different versions of the dance, probably starting in the 1950s. Most have the "Circle Up 4, 6, 8", but there is some variation in what happens after that. The sequence given here seems to be the most common, but every version I have see has a different introduction. This is common for the period as the figure and the break/chorus/introduction were not tightly linked; the caller could call anything they liked.

You can hear some callers calling this dance at the Square Dance History Project, including Ted Sanella from around 1958.

Original page from English Dance & Song, August September 1954

Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

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