Cumberland Galopede

Source: Traditional?, from Michael Bell; published in English Dance & Song, December 1954 January 1955. Vol XIX. No. 3
Formation: Longways for 4 or 5 Couples; Proper

A1 Long Lines Go Forward & Back; Cross Over
A2 Repeat
B1 Bottom Couple Arch, everyone else dance down through the arch, separate, dance back to your own starting position
B2 Top Couple Swing to the Bottom

32 bars.

This dance was published as part of Keith Uttley's "TEEN-A-PAGE… for younger sets".

I can't find any other references to this dance, so I don't know if it is traditional or was written by Michael Bell or someone else in the 1950s. It may have been sourced from Cumberland, or just named for Cumberland since it was a popular name with dances like Cumberland Square Eight, Cumberland Reel and Cumberland Long Eight.

B1 is unusual in that the lowest couple only have a few steps to take, while the top couple have to go all the way to the bottom and back up the outside to the top.

Original page from English Dance & Song, September 1959

Cumberland Galopede

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