Northumbrian Jig

Source: Ellis Rogers; published in English Dance & Song, May/June 1956. Vol XX. No. 5
Formation: Square


This article generated numerous readers' letters in later issues of English Dance & Song. They are below. I suggest you read them first.

The dance: The figures described in the article are very common in Irish Set Dance. Skibbereen Figure Three is very similar to the "Northumbrian Jig". These are the instructions for the whole dance. The article is not clear about timings, or even about whether you do a Basket (AKA Christmas by the Irish) after forming it! I suggest you look at the Skibbereen timings to understand the original, then modify them as necessary if you are doing it in an English style.

The controversy: Three letters, below, complained about the quality and naming of dances like this. This may be why there no new compositions published in English Dance & Song for a few years after this.

Original page from English Dance & Song, May/June 1956

Northumbrian Jig

Original pages from English Dance & Song, July/August 1956

Northumbrian Jig

Northumbrian Jig

Original page from English Dance & Song, September/October 1956

Northumbrian Jig

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