Stoke Golding Country Dance

Source: Traditional, collected by Margaret Lambert; published in English Dance & Song, May/June 1956. Vol XX. No. 5
Formation: Longways; Proper; for four to six couples

While the article and the Community Dances Manual suggest 32 bar reels, it is very common to do it as an unphrased dance to slip jigs. Each set does the swings for as long as they like, and takes whatever time they need to Strip the Willow.

Detailed instructions for how to do the dance are at Webfeet.

I wouldn't recommend six couples; while it gives a nice long Strip the Willow, you have to wait a long time for your turn. A good hold for doing the turns during the Strip the Willow is shown at Diagram 11 - the Forearm Hold with Cupped Elbow.

Original page from English Dance & Song, May/June 1956

Stoke Golding Country Dance

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