The Saint Helen's Jig

Source: Vic Smeltzer; published in English Dance & Song, March 1962, Vol. XXV. No. 2
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; First Couples Improper

A1 Neighbour Dosido
Balance R/L (Step, Kicks) (4)
Neighbour Allemande Left to an Ocean Wave, Men Facing Down with #1s in the Middle (4)
#1 Man's Allemande is a zesty 1 & 1/4 in four steps; #1 Lady's is a 3/4 turn
A2 Balance the Wave x2
#1s Swing - finish Facing Down
B1 #1s Lead Down, Turn Alone; Lead Up, Assisted Cast into Second Place
#2s Assist by offering an elbow for #1s to hook onto and Gating them around
B2 Still linked at the elbow: Go Forward & Back
Partner Swing - finish facing New Neighbours

32 bar jigs.

I would suggest that the balances in A1 are Step Right, Kick Left (hopping on Right), Step Left, Kick Right (hopping on Left). The balaces in the Wave in A2 are probably better done as setting since kicks might connect with the other dancers.

Vic's article says Balance the Wave Right & Left, but I believe that the dynamics will be more satisfactory after the Allemande and entering the Swing if you go Left & Right, or Forward & Back.

Vic says, "I used "The St. Helens Jig" tune as a signature tune for my country dance band, at the start of dances, and on our BBC broadcasts."

Original page from English Dance & Song, March 1962

The Saint Helen's Jig

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