Jubilee Triumph

Source: Peter Spensley; published in English Dance & Song, December 1962, Volume XXV No. 4
Formation: Three Couple; Longways; First Couple Improper

A1 #1s (Left Hands) Advance to #2 Man - Lady #1 takes Right Hands with #2 Man; All Retire
Men make an Arch over the Lady with free hands
Trio Advance & Retire to #2 Lady (then #2 Man back to Place)
B1 #1s Cross Over and Cast into Middle - #2s Lead Up
Bottom Four Circle Left 1/2; All Six Circle Left 1/2
C1 #1s Balance Back (2) while #2s and #3s make single hand Arches demonstratively
#1s Lead Down - others Move Up (6)
#1s fall back into 3rd Place then Two Hand Turn
WHILE Top Four: Neighbour Two Hand Turn 1 & 1/2
(Now 2-3-1 with First Couple Improper)

Jubilee Triumph; 24 bars; around 80 bpm.

The music is at around 80 bpm, not so that you can walk very slowly, but so that you can dance steps such as hormpipe/step-hop and polka/skip-changes throughout the dance.

For details of the competition see Jubilee Roundabout.

The arching movement goes back to a much older dance called The Triumph.

Original pages from English Dance & Song, December 1962

Jubilee Triumph

Jubilee Triumph

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