The Jubilee

Source: Thomas L. Cook; published in English Dance & Song, March 1963, Volume XXV No. 5
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; First Couples Improper

Starting Position Face Partner, step into a Tidal Wave giving Right Hand to Partner, Left Hand to Same Gender
A1 Spin the Top x2
A2 Spin the Top x2
B1 Partner Swing, in the centre of the set, finish facing same Neighbours
Neighbour Swing - finish facing CW around the Whole Set - Men on the outside
B2 Each Couple Promenades away from the Set in their own 3/4 circle AC to finish facing Partner (12)
Step into a new Tidal Wave (4)

32 bars.

Make a wide promenade away from the set in B2 and time it so you get back into the Tidal Wave just in time to Spin the Top.
Ignore the other people in the Tidal Wave; you are just working in your group of four. So think of it as a four-person Ocean Wave.

Spin The Top:
Allemande Right 1/2; The inside couple Allemande Left 3/4 WHILE the outsides Orbit 1/4 CW to a new Ocean Wave at right-angles to the original one.

For details of the competition see Jubilee Roundabout.

Original pages from English Dance & Song, March 1963

The Jubilee

The Jubilee

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