Walpole Cottage

Source: Pat Shaw; published in English Dance & Song, February 1964, Volume XXVI No. 2
Formation: Sicilian Circle of Trios - Three Facing Three

Intro Lines of Three Go Forward & Back
(The intro happens every time through the dance.)
A1/A2 Middles Turn double Contra Corners - Allemandes with a forearm hold:
Middles Allemande Right; First Corner Allemande Left
Middles Allemande Right; Next Corner AC Allemande Left
Middles Allemande Right; Next Corner AC Allemande Left
Middles Allemande Right; Next Corner AC Allemande Left
B1 Corners Star Right; Star Left - the leader of each partnered pair turns Right out of the Star, the Middle turns Right and start...
B2 Full Hey for Three (start Right Shoulder)
B2 Lines of Three Go Forward & Back
All Six Circle Half Way
B2 Lines of Three Go Forward & Back
Basket for Three - open out to face new trio (put someone new in the Middle)

Own tune, with an intro that has to be played each time through the dance.

Pat says it is for one man with two ladies. These days it is often danced with any mix of genders and the Basket is used as an opportunity to put someone else in the middle so that everyone gets a chance at leading the Double Contra Corners/Strip the Willow move.

In this article Pat says to use a "short arm hold"; in his book he says "elbow swing or short arm hold". I am not quite sure exactly what is meant by these two terms. For a satisfying experience in the turns I would recommend placing forearms together and gently hooking your fingers around your partner's elbow. This gives good connectivity so that you can turn quickly and the corners can give good help to the active dancers.

Original page from English Dance & Song, February 1964

Walpole Cottage

Pat Shaw was a leading figure in the 20th century dance world. As well as writing his own dances and interpreting dances from the 17th and 18th centuries he also researched traditional dances from the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a regular contributor to the English Dance & Song magazine.

Pat Shaw

Pat Shaw 1917-1977 gives a flavour of this man of many talents.

The Pat Shaw Collection includes over 60 of Pat's own compositions.

Another Look at Playford has 120 of Pat's interpetations of older dances.

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