Gipsy Hill Jig

Source: Irene Harcourt; published in English Dance & Song, April 1964, Volume XXVI No. 3
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 Tops face Down: Full Hey on the Side - start by Tops passing Right Shoulders with Middles
A2 Tops Pull By Right into a complete Progressive Grand Chain
B1 Top Four Star Right; Star Left (Bottoms finish the last change of the Grand Chain)
B2 Tops Lead (Gallop/Swing) to the Bottom - others Lead Up
All: Partner Swing

32 bar jigs.

As written, the dance leaves #1 Lady facing the wrong way at the end of the Hey; I prefer for #1 Lady to start her Hey by the left shoulder so that it flows smoothly into the Pull by Right at the beginning of A2 (i.e. a Grimstock Hey).

If the dancers like to do ballroom-hold swings rather than symmetrical ceilidh-style swings, then it provides a smoother transition into A1 if you run the dance with First Couple Improper.

This dance was also published in "Everyday Dances" by Nibs Matthews.

Original page from English Dance & Song, April 1964

Gipsy Hill Jig

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