The Lass of Richmond Hill
A Trip to Richmond

Source: Kate Riley; published in English Dance & Song, Autumn 1966, Volume XXVIII No. 4
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; Proper

A #1s Lead Down one place, Cast Back to Home (8)
#2s Lead Up one place, Cast Back to Home (8)
B Men Balance Back (2); Ladies Balance Back (2); All Turn Single Forwards (4)
Circle Left (8)
C First Corners Cross (4); Second Corners Cross by the Left Shoulder (4)
Set to Partner (4); Partner Cross Over (or Two Hand Turn Half Way) (4)

"The Lass of Richmond Hill" or any suitable 24 bar tune.

While the page below shows a Lead back up, Antony Heywood assures me that Kate definitely intended it to be Cast back as seen here. She also preferred a left shoulder crossing for second corners; this allows you to face your partner more easily for the setting. Since Kate didn't make these points in her letter below, I can only guess that the dance evolved over time.

Not to be confused with the Scottish dance of the same name.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Autumn 1966

The Lass of Richmond Hill

Original letter from English Dance & Song, Winter 1966

The Lass of Richmond Hill

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