Kendal Ghyll

Source: Traditional, submitted by J.F & T.M. Flett; published in English Dance & Song, Winter 1966, Volume XXVIII No. 5
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 Slip Circle Left; Slip Circle Right
A2 Grimstock Hey with Handkerchiefs: Mirror Heys on the Side
Some versions have Middles arching first, others have Tops
B1 Repeat the Hey with Handkerchiefs
B2 Tops Face Down: Parallel Heys on the Sides - Tops start Right Shoulder
No progression

32 bars.

There are many versions of this dance, which is itself, in many ways, a simple version of Grimstock. Another version appears in Yorkshire Fiddle Tunes and Dances.

This video shows another version. The order of the heys is reversed and an extra 8 bars are added to provide a cast-&-arches progression. Using hankies is a challenge; if you hold them in your right hands then you can do Turn Alones without switching hands, but it can be a bit of a stretch. This version with California Twirls, while possibly not traditional, does make it much easier.

For more details of the dance "Ladies' Fancy" referenced in the article below please see here.

See also Three Dance Games: Kendal Guild.

Original pages from English Dance & Song, Winter 1966

Kendal Ghyll

Kendal Ghyll

Kendal Ghyll

Original letters from English Dance & Song, Summer 1966

Kendal Ghyll

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