Radstock Traveller

Source: Barry Gant; published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1967. Vol XXIX. No. 1
Formation: Square

A1 Heads Square Thru Two; In Fours Circle Left Halfway
Heads Dive Thru; Pass Through; In Fours: Circle Left Halfway
A2 Heads Dive Thru; Right & Left Through; Opposite (Original Partner) Swing
B1 Heads Circle Left to Home; Partner Swing
B2 All Eight Circle Left to Home

A1 Corner Allemande Left, Right to Partner: Grand Chain (Grand Right & Left) Half Way
A2 Partner Box the Gnat; Wrong Way Grand Chain to Home; Partner Swing
B1 Corner Dosido; Partner Dosido
B2 Partner Promenade to Home

The article specifies Arkansas Traveller, but any 32-bar tunes will work.

This appeared with The Dashing White Sergeant under the heading "TWO NEW DANCES".

Square Thru Two is a more common call now: Two quick changes of rights and lefts, starting with right hand to your opposite; don't turn after passing the second person.

The modern definition of the Dive Thru has the arching couple doing a California Twirl to face back in.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Spring 1967

Radstock Traveller

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