Brian's Reel

Source: Les Wooton; published in English Dance & Song, Winter 1967, Volume XXIX No. 4
Formation: Sicilian Circle; Three Facing Three

A1 Dosido your Opposite
Middles: Circle Left Halfway with the two dancers on their Right
Break to a Line of Three facing across with the Middles still in the Middle
A2 Repeat to finish with original partners, but on the other side of the set
B1 Hey for Three on the Sides: Middles go Right
B2 Lines of Three Go Forward & Back
Right Hand High, Left Hand Low: Invert the Line and face a new trio

32 bar reels.

The original wording addresses one man and two ladies. My wording above is intended for any mix of genders. Experienced dancers can break the A2 circle in a different place to give everyone a chance to be in the middle.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Winter 1967

Brian's Reel

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