Childwall Chimes

Source: Kathleen Freeman; published in English Dance & Song, Winter 1967, Volume XXIX No. 4
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; First Couples Improper

A1 Face the Centre: Set & Turn Single - face Neighbour
Give two hands to Neighbour: Gallop Out (4); Gallop In (4)
A2 Hey with Hands along the Lines:
Neighbour Pull By Right; Next Neighbour Allemande Left
Neighbour Pull By Right; Previous Neighbour Allemande Left
B1 Circle Left; Circle Right
B2 #1s Cast - #2s Move Up (4); Balance to Partner (4) Partner Swing

32 bars.

Sadly my copy of the magazine has the bottom half of the page, which contained the music, cut out. I will try to get access to another copy. In the interim Colin Hume has kindly provided the music; he found a hand-written copy from a jam session and created the image below. We believe that the chords are from the original ED&S page.

After the first four steps of B2 you are all facing your New Neighbours; modern dancers often expect to swing them, and may have to be reminded to swing their Partner - otherwise you will have a Double Progression (or a mess if some do and some don't!).

"Balance" does, of course, have many meanings; Northern Junket Volume 5, Number 1, March 1955 has an article called "50 Variations of the Balance"! I would tend to do the Balance in A1 as Set Right, Set Left, and the Balance in B2 as Step Right, Kick Left, Step Left, Kick Right.

This dance was also published in Not Quite Gold

Original page from English Dance & Song, Winter 1967

Childwall Chimes

Childwall Chimes

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