Dick Witt's Circle Mixer

Source: Dick Witt; published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1968, Volume XXX No. 1
Formation: Circle Mixer

A1 Promenade AC around the Circle
Men Turn Back and Promenade CW with the Lady behind - Man on the Right. This is now your Partner
A2 Partner Dosido
On the Left Diagonal Allemande Left
B1 Partner Seesaw (Left Shoulder Dosido)
On the Right Diagonal Allemande Right x2
B2 Partner Balance & Swing

32 bar reels or jigs, but see the letter below for more information.

If you start at A2, progress at the beginning of B2 (by Swinging the one you just Allemanded) and do a normal promenade then the dance is the Lancashire Reel, also known as the Cincinnati Reel.

The article covers two dances; the other one is Tuesday Child.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Spring 1968

Dick Witt's Circle Mixer

Original page from English Dance & Song, Summer 1968

Dick Witt's Circle Mixer

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