Gone For A Burton

Source: John Ritchie; published in English Dance & Song, Summer 1968. Volume XXX. No. 2
Formation: Sicilian Circle; Waltz

A Circle Left Once Around(6); Keep Hold of Partner: Honour Neighbours (2)
Moving Diagonally Forwards: Chassis Right (2); Chassis Left (2) - finish with backs to Neighbours
New Neighbours Dosido (4)
B Partner Allemande Right (4) - Keep Hold
With Original Neighbours: Three Changes of Rights & Lefts - Start Right with Partner (3x2)
Face Neighbours, Holding Partner's Hand: Step Right & Honour Neighbours (2) Step Left & Honour Neighbours (2)
Pass Through (2)

32 bar waltzes, two are provided in the article, preferably with a long B music since the Changes would cross the end of an eight-bar B.

It is not clear whether the Chassis and the Dosido are done individually or as couples. I suspect that the Chassis are as a couple, but the Dosido is done individually.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Summer 1968

Gone For A Burton

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