Trip to Barford

Source: Peggy Cash; published in English Dance & Song, Autumn 1969. Volume XXXI. No. 3
Formation: Four Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 Long Lines Go Forward & Back x2
A2 Middle Four: Star Right; Star Left WHILE
Ends: Four Changes of Rights & Lefts without hands, start by passing Partner by the Right Shoulder
B1 All: Double Cast to the Left and Back up to Place
B2 #1s Promenade to the Bottom
All: Partner Swing as soon as the #1s have passed

32 bars.

A2: Some direction needs to be given to the dancers to avoid crashes. The same figure in other dances, such as the Clopton Bridge variant, use Four Changes to make the path clear.

The Double Cast is shown at the end of A2, when there is no music left after the Stars. I assume this is a printing error and it should be B1.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Autumn 1969

Trip to Barford

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