Easter Saturday

Source: Barry Gant; published in English Dance & Song, Autumn 1972. Vol XXXIV. No. 3
Formation: Five Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 The middle couple are the #1s
#1s Separate and face the two dancers diagonally on their right
Balance Twice; Basket in Threes
A2 #1s go left: Balance Twice; Circle Left in Threes - finish in set, #1s Improper
B1 #1s Turn Right and face the next person, Bottom Two Ladies face each other, Top Two Men face each other:
All those facing Pass Right to start a Hey for Five
B2 #1s Lead Down to the Bottom* - #4s & #5s Move Up; All: Partner Swing
* Next time through the #1s Lead Up to the Top. Alternate so that everyone gets to be in the middle

32 bar reels.

For a dance with baskets I would do the Balances as Step Right, Kick Left, etc. Longer Baskets are more fun so I might suggest only one Balance before the Basket.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Autumn 1972

Easter Saturday

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