Alan's Choice

Source: Alan Wilson; published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1973, Vol. XXXV No. 1
Formation: Sicilian Circle

A1 Star Left; Circle Left
A2 Ladies' Chain x 2
B1 (#1s Arch, all walk forwards; #2s Arch, all walk backwards) x2
B2 Take two hands with Partner: Chassée towards the other couple x2; Chassée away x2
Face the other couple: Balance (Step Right, Kick Left (hop), Step Left, Kick Right (hop))
Pass Through - individually by the Right Shoulder

32 bar jigs.

The instructions don't mention any turning around in the arching movement, so I assume it is the common move where you keep facing the same direction as you go forwards and backwards through each other's single-handed arches.

This dance appeared under the heading "Two Easy Ceilidh Dances from Yorkshire" together with Kilham Capers.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Spring 1973

Alan's Choice

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