St. Giles' Gates
Will Kemp's Entry into Norwich

Source: Norris W. Winstone; published in English Dance & Song, Summer 1973, Vol. XXXV No. 2
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; Proper

A1 Up a Double; Cast away from Partner - Face Down
Down a Double; Cast away from Partner - Face In
B1 Each step forward one step in turn:
#1 Man, #2 Lady, #2 Man, #1 Lady (8) (First Corners, Second Corners - Men going first)
All: Cast Right to Place (4); Circle Left just one place (4)
B2 Current First Corners Cross; Second Corners Cross
Partner Two Hand Turn, adjusting into Progressed Places

24 bars.

Lots of opportunity to make one move flow smoothly into the next and use all the music, especially the Cast & Circle in B1, and the corner crossing into the two hand turn.

Prior to the final turn #1 Man and #2 Lady are in their progressed positions so they need to help ensure that they finish there with their partners opposite them.

I have used the name of the dance that the composer used in his letter, with "Gates" in the plural.

You can see, and listen to, Colin Hume's version of the music here.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Summer 1973

St. Giles' Gate

Original page from English Dance & Song, Autumn 1973

St. Giles' Gate

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