Timothy Turtle

Source: Alan Gibson; published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1974. Vol XXXVI. No. 1
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Second Couple Improper

A1 All Six: Circle Left; Circle Right
A2 Top Four: Half Poussette AC (Men Pull) WHILE #3s Two Hand Turn 1 & 1/2
Bottom Four: Half Poussette CW (Ladies Pull) WHILE #2s Two Hand Turn 1 & 1/2
B1 Top Four: Circle Left; Ladiesí Chain WHILE
Bottom Couple Dance Around the World (pass each other by the Right Shoulder and dance around the set)
B2 [Partner Pass Through, Take Hands in Lines
Right Hand High, Left Hand Low to Face Back] x2
Men: remember your new Home - Face the middle of the set
C1/C2 All Three Ladies Chain Two Places x3
Promenade to the Manís New Home - #2s finish Improper

24 or 48 bar tunes, or 32 bar tunes played with an appropriate number of As and Bs.

The article has both Poussettes clockwise which means that #1 Man goes forward, backward, stop then go forward, backward again. I believe the flow is much nicer if the first one is anti-clockwise so that the #1s do a flowing S-shape with their Poussettes.

Right Hand High, Left Hand Low: the end people change ends and face back, one going through the arch made by the other; the middle person also has to go through the arch.

The Promenade seems slightly awkward to me. It starts smoothly by finishing the Courtesy Turn facing around the circle, but to finish: The ending seems a little hurried. It might be easier to treat the Promenade as just a Power Turn into the correct position.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Spring 1974

Timothy Turtle

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