Elsie's Special

Source: Alan Wilson; published in English Dance & Song, Winter-Christmas 1974, Vol. XXXVI No. 4
Formation: Sicilian Circle

A1 Men Set Forwards, Fall Back
Circle Left
A2 Ladies Set Forwards, Fall Back
Circle Right
B1 Ladies' Chain x2 - stay in Courtesy Hold
B2 Two Chassées Diagonally Forwards to the Right, Two to the Left - finish back to back with Neighbours - Turn Right into Star Right - look for New Neighbours

32 bar jigs.

B1 in the original description has the chassées included, only leaving time to chain the ladies one way. But that would leave couples the wrong way around after a 1 & 1/4 star, with no explanation of what to do in the final eight steps of the dance. I assume therefore that the Ladies' Chain is both ways and "B2" is written in the wrong place.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Winter-Christmas 1974

Elsie's Special

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