The Lacemaker

Source: Geoffrey Mendham; published in English Dance & Song, Winter-Christmas 1974, Vol. XXXVI No. 4
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; #2s Improper

A1 #1s Lead Down, separate, go between #2s & #3s, Meet at the Bottom
Swing to the Top
A2 #3s Lead Up, separate, go between #2s & #1s, Meet at the Top
Swing to the Bottom
B1/B2 #1s Face Partner, others Face Neighbour: Grand Chain Four Places:
start Right, but instead of Pull Bys, do Arming 1 & 1/2 then stamp/clap three times
Should now be 2, 3, 1.
C All Six: Star Right; Star Left

40 bars, AABBC.

The Grand Chain with Arming 1 & 1/2 was documented by Cecil Sharp as an Appalachian square dance move known as a Lock Chain Swing. Of course Arming your way around a circular set goes back a lot further, there being a similar move in some interpretations of the Playford dance Newcastle.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Winter-Christmas 1974

The Lacemaker

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