Monks Orchard Rant

Source: Ron Jones; published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1975, Vol. XXXVII No. 1
Formation: Longways; Duple Minor; First Couples Improper

A1 Men Allemande Right, make an Arch, Rant on the spot
Ladies pass Below Partner, dance round him to place
A2 Neighbour Gypsy; Partner Left Shoulder Gypsy
B1 All Turn Left to face Up or Down around the Whole Set:
Single File Promenade, Turn Alone, Rant to place
B2 Swing & Change 1 & 1/2 AC

32 bars, suitable for ranting.

I'm not sure what the "one step hop up" in B2 means. In a Proper set then each couple needs to start moving in the normal forwards direction for a ballroom hold, i.e. up, before heading off around the other couple, so the instruction would make sense. But when the first couple is improper then moving forward (i.e. #1s heading down and to the right) in the ballroom hold flows smoothly into the swing and change.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Spring 1975

Monks Orchard Rant

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