The Wessex Assembly

Source: Jack Pragnell; published in English Dance & Song, Summer 1976, Vol. XXXVIII No.2
Formation: Square

Chorus - before each Figure:
A1 Men Star Left; pick up Partner's Left Hand; Star Promenade Left Halfway
Honour Partner
A2 Ladies Star Right; pick up Partner's Right Hand; Star Promenade Right Halfway
Honour Partner
Figure 1:
B1 Heads Face Right:
Men Allemande Right, Cast behind Partner to Place
Ladies Allemande Left, Cast behind Partner to Place
B2 Heads Face Left: Repeat
Figure 2:
B1 Corner Allemande Left; Ladies Star Right Half Way; Opposite Allemande Left - reform set, Ladies with their Opposites
B2 Repeat
Figure 3:
B1 Men Cast behind Ladies moving AC to the next place
Ladies Cast behind Men moving CW to the next place
Repeat to finish in Opposite's place
B2 Grand Chain to Home; Partner Two Hand Turn placing Ladies in the Middle
Honour Partner

Own tune in four parts. Each Chorus+Figure is 32 bars, so I have written it above in that way so that a 32 bar tune could be used.

The chorus description is unclear as to whether the men do a Star Left first then a Star Promenade, or just a Star Promenade which leaves too much time to fall back and honour.

In Figure 2 it is unclear whether some of the turns are Gates or not. I think the wording means that it must be all Allemandes; at the end of B1 the man has to drop off the lady in his partner's place and keep turning left to pick up his corner.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Summer 1976

The Wessex Assembly

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