Celebration Special

Source: Lena Rees; published in English Dance & Song, Spring 1977. Vol XXXIX. No. 1
Formation: Longways; Improper

A1 Long Lines Go Forward & Back; Circle Left
A2 Neighbour Dosido; Partner Dosido
B1 Men Allemande Right 1 & 1/2; Neighbour Swing - finish facing Up & Down the set, facing Partner
B2 Ladies Allemande Left 1 & 1/2; Partner Swing - finish facing Up & Down the set, facing New Neighbours

32 bar reels.

This is the type of dance that goes horribly wrong if you call it today with dancers who are used to doing American contras. The figures are the same, but the orientations are all different. The dancers will try to finish the swings facing across the set instead of up & down.

With the Dosidos and Swing across the set, the dance will need lots of room up and down the set.

The common call today for the Allemandes is 1 & 1/2 rather than 1 & 1/4, but either way the objective is to get to the other person. A modern flow would be more likely to have the men use their left hand as that is the closest after the Partner Dosido; the ladies would use their right hand as their left is still connected to the man after the Swing.

Apart from the Long Lines Forward & Back, this would work well as a Sicilian Circle.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Spring 1977

Celebration Special

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