The Sweets o' May

Source: Barry Moule (based on other dances of the same name); published in English Dance & Song, Summer 1977. Vol XXXIX. No. 2
Formation: Four Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 #1 Man Lead the Men around the Ladies
A2 #1 Lady Lead the Ladies around the Men
B1 Partner Balance (twice) & Swing
B2 #1s Gallop Down & Back
C1 #1s Lead a Single Cast and make an Arch at the Bottom
C2 Everone else goes Up through the Arch to Progressed Places; Partner Swing

48 bars of suitable tunes.

There are an Irish Set Dance (Square) and an English Barn Dance in a Sicilian Circle with the same name. But they don't share any commonality with this dance. This is a popular tune, so there may be many other dances written for it.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Summer 1977

The Sweets o' May

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