The Lincolnshire Poacher

Source: Ellen Taylor; published in English Dance & Song, Winter 1978. Vol XL. No. 3
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 Grimstock Hey plus one extra change - now 2, 1, 3
A2 Bottom four: Slip Circle Left; Slip Circle Right - finish Facing Up
B1 #2s Lead a Double Cast to the Left and back to place - polka step
B2 Top Four: Star Right; Star Left
C1 #1 Man Half Figure Eight Down; Half Figure Eight Up - polka step
WHILE #1 Lady Half Figure Eight Up; Half Figure Eight Down - polka step
C2 Top Four: Four Changes of Rights & Lefts - start Right Hand with Partner
#1s flow to the bottom on the outside - #3s Move Up


Grimstock Hey: Ends start with shoulders together facing the middle, the middle couple separates as they head towards the top. As you reach the top or bottom turn towards your partner, pass one couple then separate to pass the next.

"Circular Hey" is a term invented by Cecil Sharp; he specified that the default was without hands "in the absence of directions to the contrary". I understand that most Americans assume that it is always without hands; while in England "with hands" may be more common. I don't know Ellen's intention. See also Rights & Lefts - Circular Hey - Square Thru - Right & Left Through - Two Changes.

The last move is like the end of a Grimstock Hey, so it flows beautifully into the next Grimstock Hey.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Winter 1978

The Lincolnshire Poacher

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