Saint Nick's Jig

Source: Phil Thorogood; published in English Dance & Song, 1980 Volume 42 Number 3.
Formation: Circle Mixer, Couples Facing the Middle.

A1 Into the Middle & Back (8)
Men (turning Right) Cast Left One Place (4)
Ladies (turning Left) Cast Right One Place (4)
A2 Repeat A1 - finish facing New Partner
B1 Partner Allemande Right; Corner Allemande Left; Partner Swing
B2 Promenade

32 bar jigs.

This appeared with Paper Chains and The Holmfirth Square.

I am not quite sure about "right with partner going into a swing". This would work if you did a swing which involved the right hands staying connnected in an Allemande Hold, such as a Galway Swing or a Double Allemande Swing. But that would be unusual; most people don't swing like that. I think I would tell the dancers to go straight into the swing rather than taking right hands briefly then changing to a swing hold.

Original page from English Dance & Song, 1980 Volume 42 Number 3.

Paper Chains

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