Ghoul's Gavotte

Source: Eric Probert; published in English Dance & Song, Christmas 1982 Volume 44 Number 3
Formation: Longways; Proper

A1 #1s Dance Down the Outside, past two couples, peek at each other and shout; Dance Back up the Outside to Place
A2 Circle Left - keep hold
#2s Arch, #1s Duck for Oysters; #1s Arch, #2s Duck for Oysters
B1 Star Right; Star Left
B2 Two Changes of Rights & Lefts - start Right with Partner
Partner Swing - finish on your own side

32 bar reels.

Duck for Oysters: Keep hold in a circle of four, one couple ducks through an arch, has a peek, then backs up back into the circle, then the other couple does the same.

Eric has confirmed that B2 is two Changes, without a Courtesy Turn, straight into the Partner Swing.

Anne Skinner tells me that Eric was a founder member of The Chelmsford Folk Dancers and she assumes that he wrote the dance for them. Anne uses "Icabod's Last Ride" for the music (to carry on the Hallowe'en theme).

Original page from English Dance & Song, Christmas 1982

Ghoul's Gavotte

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