The Malthouse

Source: Roger Watson; published in English Dance & Song, Summer 1983 Volume 45 Number 2
Formation: Circle Mixer, Men with their backs to the middle, facing Partner; Hornpipe Step Throughout

A1 Make an Alamo Wave: Right Hand to Partner, Left Hand to the person on the Left Diagonal:
Balance the Wave: Two Hornpipe Steps Forward, Two Backwards
Partner Allemande Right Half Way
Remake the Wave with a new person in the Left Hand:
B1 Poussette Out; Poussette In
Partner Swing - Slide Left to New Partner
B2 Repeat B1 with New Partner - finish by giving Right Hand to this New Partner

24 bar hornpipes. Roger recommended the two tunes below, giving a change of feeling half way through the dance.

Hornpipe Step: Step, Hop, Step, Hop...

"First Diagonal" is conventionally the person on the right diagonal. That would involve crossed arms in this dance and be very awkward, so I assume Roger meant the left diagnoal.

The wave needs to be made with extended arms at waist level so that there is room to dance forwards and back.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Summer 1983

The Malthouse

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