Birthday Gallop

Source: Audrey Heritage; published in English Dance & Song, Autumn/Winter 1983 Volume 45 Number 3
Formation: Longways; Four Couples; Proper

A1 #1s Gallop Down and join the end of the set - don't move up (4)
#2s the same; #3s the same; #4s the same - the whole set has now moved down the room
A2 In Fours: Circle Left; Circle Right
B1 In Fours: Star Right; Star Left
B2 Partner Swing (16)
Next time through starts with #4s Galloping Up

32 bar jigs or reels, played quickly.

Make sure the sets at the bottom of the hall have room to move the whole set down by the size of the set.

Original page from English Dance & Song, Autumn/Winter 1983

Birthday Gallop

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