Left Right and Centre

Source: Geoff Todd; published in English Dance & Song, July/August 1987 Volume 49 Number 1
Formation: Longways; Three Couples; Proper

A1 Hold Hands in Lines: Set; Partner Star Through
Bottoms Wheel Left (3/4+) WHILE Middles Wheel Right (3/4+) WHILE Tops Lead Down & California Twirl - make a Circle
A2 Slip Circle Left; Slip Circle Right
B1 All Three Ladies Chain Two Places x2 - finish by facing this person still holding Right Hands - your Partner is behind you (your current Corner)
B2 Grand Chain Two Changes; Partner Swing - moving back into set with #1s in the Middle

32 bar jigs.

This is a great dance, but it can be slightly disorientating. Once you have made the circle, with one couple at the bottom and one on each side, you need to try to keep it in the same place. At the end the bottom couple (original #2s can just Swing in place. The other two couples are parallel on opposite sides of the set and have to know where they are heading during the Swing. If the previous #1s head for the middle then the new #1s have nowhere else to go apart from the top. But if the circle has rotated or the #1s forget where they are heading then chaos can ensue!

Original page from English Dance & Song, July/August 1987

Left Right and Centre

Original pages from English Dance & Song, September/October 1986

Left Right and Centre

Left Right and Centre

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