Levi Jackson Rag

Source: Pat Shaw; published in English Dance & Song, April/May 1989. Vol 51. No. 1
Formation: Five couples: One Head Couple and two pairs of Side Couples in a horse-shoe formation

A1: Sides Right & Left Through WHILE Heads Lead Down to the Middle
Repeat - Heads Lead Down to the Bottom
A2: In Fours: Circle Left WHILE Heads Cast Home individually
All: Partner Dosido
B1: Five Ladies Chain Two Places x 2
B2: With New Partner: Promenade one place AC (4)
Partner Balance (R/L) & Swing

Own tune or any suitable 32 bar tune.

Here is Pat's final description, which was published a long time before this article.

The men should step in as they Courtesy Turn the chaining ladies to keep the ladies' journeys short so that they can get back into the middle. A common chant which may help the Men to Courtesy Turn the correct lady is, "Push one, miss one, grab one". Finish the second Courtesy Turn facing AC around the set - keep that hold. Be aware of the shape of the set and take four steps to the next position, turning to face on the fourth step. I learnt the balance in the 1960s as Step Right, Kick Left (hopping on the right), Step Left, Kick Right (hopping on the left).

Keep the set fairly compact. It is important to do a complete Circle, finishing where you start in Becket Formation.

I understand that part of Pat's choreography was to take advantage of the tent poles in the American marquee where this was first danced; the ladies did their chains with their right hands on the tent poles!

Original page from English Dance & Song, April/May 1989

Levi Jackson Rag

Pat Shaw was a leading figure in the 20th century dance world. As well as writing his own dances and interpreting dances from the 17th and 18th centuries he also researched traditional dances from the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a regular contributor to the English Dance & Song magazine.

Pat Shaw

Pat Shaw 1917-1977 gives a flavour of this man of many talents.

The Pat Shaw Collection includes over 60 of Pat's own compositions.

Another Look at Playford has 120 of Pat's interpetations of older dances.

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