I've Been To Harlem

Source: Richard Chase; published in English Dance & Song, March April 1940, Volume IV, Number 4.
Formation: Circle Mixer

A Partner Promenade (15) - extra Men stand in the Middle
Ladies Backtrack (1): turn Right face CW
B Men, including the extra Men, dance Single File AC WHILE Ladies dance Single File CW outside the Men (15)
Ladies Turn Right to face AC (1), taking Promenade Hold with the nearest Man

16 bars.

See also I've Been to Ireland.

This is a very simple dance. Most other versions add a bit more to it: the spare people may be men or ladies; the spare people circle in the middle; the promenade can involve three people (lady, man, lady) and finish with the man making an arch with his left hand, sending the right hand lady into the centre, and drawing the left hand lady into a swing.

Original page from English Dance & Song, March April 1940

I've Been To Harlem

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