I've been to Ireland, I've been to Dover

Source: Mr. & Mrs. Victor Simpson; published in English Dance & Song, September 1949. Volume XIII No 5
Formation: Circle; Couples Facing Anti-Clockwise

Own tune and words. Some of the actions relate to the words.

See also I've Been to Harlem.

If you search for "I've been to Harlem" or "Turn the Glasses Over" you will find videos of people dancing this. The common features are:
The footwork in the version below is more complex than any other version that I have seen.

Where you have been to in the song varies depending on who is singing it. There are lots of examples of Haarlem, rather than Harlem, which seems more likely as the original words since Haarlem is a port in the Netherlands and Dover is a port in England.

Original page from English Dance & Song, September 1949

I've Been To Ireland

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